The company tenet

Will the spirit

Conduct, discipline; The attitude is rigorous, technical refinement.

Unity and progress, a fair style; Innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

Management policy

Credit first, efficiency first; Quality first, service first.

Our tenet

Cultivate good employees, create a good product;

Good customer service, return good shareholder.

Business philosophy

Employees, customers and shareholders interests are equally important.

Business objectives

Create a learning, progressive, collaborative, social contribution team.

Time is the army

Obey the discipline, strict form for their work,

Correct ideas, serious our working atmosphere,

Solidarity and collaboration, our work attitude.

Time is a family work

Love each other, to encourage support, we are all brothers and sisters,

Build a comfortable warm enterprise atmosphere together.

Understand respect tolerance, gratitude, we should help each other,

Each employee with culture tolerant and open-minded attitude.

Self-examination self-examination, learn from each other, everyone has the opportunity to stage,

To develop a broad and association will stage.

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