Will International Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a collection of scientific and technological research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the international science and technology development enterprises.
The company is headquartered in Fu'an City, Fujian Province, China Town, Qin Yang Industrial Zone, Will  Building, five production plants are mainly located in Fujian, China and Jiangsu, the main building brand "WILLDA" Weidaer motor, "FLYSEN" Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Brushless High Efficient Generator.
The company mainly produces operating products are:
1, motor products (Y, Y2, YC, GOST / АИР, AEEF, MS, MY, ML, MC);
2, outdoor portable electric welding WED series (180 A-800A);
3, permanent magnet variable frequency brushless generator products (YBW, ST, STC, WED);
4, diesel generator sets of products (Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Yuchai, Weichai);
5, gasoline generator sets of products (Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Yamaha, Longxin);
6, air compressor products (piston air compressor, silent oil - free air compressor, screw air compressor);
7, high-pressure airless spraying machine products.
In the long-term market to establish a scientific and efficient management system, adopted the ISO9001, 3 C, CE, TUV, SGS, SGS, TUV, SGS, SGS, SGS, SGS, SGS, SGS, SGS, , UL and other certification, with import and export operation rights, the Government as "stresses integrity, the contract" business, "national quality assurance enterprises", the famous brand enterprises, Fuan City CPPCC members, "WILLDA" Trademark, the future will become the world's brand.
The company's marketing strategy is: to avoid the main vicious competition in the market, in order to gradually penetrate the local strategy to gradually expand the "WILLDA" brand global influence; the production of the company's marketing strategy is: to avoid the main market, the market is mainly distributed in North Europe, North America, North Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and other regions; Series of products to achieve flow-shop, so as to effectively improve the product quality and reduce costs, the majority of customers have been well received. In the long-term market test and the rapid growth of competition for a highly competitive manufacturing and sales service company.
Both quality and service, users and integrity first, both opportunities and challenges of today, "WILLDA" to product development and innovation as the responsibility, sincere and thoughtful service concept. We will be superb technology, excellent quality and enthusiasm of the service attitude, the majority of users return the love. Looking to the future, full of hope, "cultivate talents, and create excellent products, providing quality services, build the world brand" is "WILLDA" unswerving pursuit of the goal. We will be honest and realistic, excellent enterprising spirit of the national enterprise for the motherland's national industry to contribute their own strength to the world. "WILLDA" people willing to cooperate with the people around the world comrades, create brilliant.

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