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Air-cooled Silent Diesel Gensets

Features and Benefits:

Air-cooled Silent Diesel Gensets

1) 2.7-5.5kW; 3.5-7.5kVA
2) 3000/3600 r/min
3) 50/60 Hz
4) 110-230V
5) Air-cooled





Small Type Air-cooled Silent Diesel Gensets Advantages


The new automatic voltage regulator ensures the stable output voltage, and has overload


protection function.


Low oil pressure alarm system can automatically shut off the engine.

Electric start-up mode (E type) guarantee the unit fast starting the engine.


Fuel injection combustion chamber has high combustion efficiency; the engine running


particularly with low noise.


The engines are applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, and field operations,


engineering construction; The Marine, naval power supply power source; The animal


husbandry and fishery, forest orchard, gardening, hotels, business, office, family and other


indispensable emergency standby power.

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