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STC Series

Features and Benefits:

Three Phase AC Synchronous Generator

1) 3-50kW; 3.8-62.5kVA
2) 1500/1800 r/min
3) 50/60Hz
4) 110-400V





Products Feature

STC Series Three Phase AC Synchronous Generators are to be used in town, countryside,

worksites, mountain and pasture as electric power source for lighting purpose; it can also be

used as reserved power source for emergent case using:

 1) The generators are of drip proof with rotary field type and adopt harmonic excitation

system, easy operation and maintenance.

 2) The generators are three-phase, four-wire type, adopting star connection with neutral


 3) The rated line voltage is 400V, phase voltage 230V, frequency 50Hz. power factor 0.8

(lag). We can provide 60Hz and the other voltage′s generator according to the customer′s


4) They can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through v-belt making right or reverse

continuous rotation at the rated speed.

5) When the rotation speed of prime mover changes 3% or so   and load varies in the range

of 0~100% cosΦ0.8~1.0, the generators offer constant voltage, when   sudden change

(increase or decrease) of load, the generator will soon return to their normal working state, at

the same time, without any starting device the generator can directly start an unloaded

squirrel cage induction motor.

Service Conditions

--Ambient Temperature:  -15℃~40℃

--Altitude:  not exceed 1000 Meter

--Rated Voltage:  380V or any voltage between 110-400V

--Rated Frequency:  50Hz/60Hz

--Protection Class:  IP21, IP22, IP23

--Insulation Class:  B

--Cooling Method:  IC0141

--Working Duty:  S1(Continuous)

--Humidity:  ≦90%

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