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TFW Series

Features and Benefits:

Brushless Three Phase Synchronous Generator

1) 5-500kW; 6-600kVA
2) 1500/1800 r/min
3) 50/60Hz
4) 120-690V





Products Feature

TFW Series Generator is the latest style of brushless three phase AC  synchronous

generator. TFW series generator absorbs the technical merits of successful global generator

manuf-acturer and the latest alternator technologies, which is manufactured under strict

quality-control management. 

TFW series generator can match with diesel engine ( or 150 type) to

constitute the fixed or mobile power source, which can be used into commercial mansion,

hospital etc. TFW alternator also can be used in many occasions such as the lightning of

industrial and mining enterprises, rural and field engineering. It can be used as an emergency


TFW series alternator has advantage of unique design, advanced structure, good

performance, reliable operation, easy to use, small volume and light weight etc.

Products Structure

A, TFW series generator adopts open protection structure, which is made of main-generator,

three  phase ac excitation machine of rotating rectifier, motionless voltage regulator and

outlet terminal.

B, TFW series generator adopts standard H Insulation Class structure, the main-generator

stator frame is steel welding structure. It has unique design of stator punching.

The output of the four windings lead wire is U, V, W, and N.

C, TFW series generator/alternator′s rotor is saliency type, which belongs to overall salient

punching, adapting copper bar to connect the iron core with the integral damping winding,

and wind the magnetic field winding directly. All of which make the generator has good

electrical insulation and reliable mechanical strength.

D, TFW series generator can be produced by single-bearing and double-bearing one.

F, TFW series generator/alternator complies with the most common standard in terms of

GB755, BS5000, VDE0530, CSAC22.2-100, IEC 34-1, and JB/T3320.1-2000.

G, TFW series generator/alternator has 12-end reconnectable winding terminals to get

different voltages.

H, TFW series generator/alternator has convenient installation and maintenance of lead-end

rotated diodes and adaptor connected bolts.

I, TFW series generator/alternator have standard sealed maintenance-free bearing.

Products Technical Performance

1. Steady-state voltage regulation rate: ≤ ±1.0%

2. Transient-State voltage regulation rate: ≥ -15%, ≤ +20%

3. Voltage setting range: ≥ ±10%UN

4. Line-Voltage sinusoidal waveform distortion rate

While PN :> 100KW, the distortion rate: ≤2.5%

While PN: ≤100KW, the distortion rate: ≤4.0%

5. Voltage deviation while the three-phase loads are out-of-balance: ≤5%

6. Insulation Class: H (Temperature rise limit: 125K)

7. Hot and cold state voltage rate: ≤2%

8. Three phase four lines

10. 100% copper wire winding

Service Conditions

--Ambient Temperature: -15℃~40℃

--Altitude: not exceed 1000 Meter

--Rated Voltage: 380V or any voltage between 120-690V

--Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

--Protection Class: IP21, IP22, IP23

--Insulation Class: H

--Cooling Method: IC0141

--Working Duty: S1(Continuous)

--Humidity: ≦90%

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