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Stamford Series

Features and Benefits:

Brushless Three Phase Synchronous Generator

1) 5-500kW; 6-600kVA
2) 1500/1800 r/min
3) 50/60Hz
4) 120-690V





Products Feature

Stamford Series Brushless Three Phase Synchronous Generator confirm with all leading

standards, and has superior performance,reliable quality,maintenance friendly. Generator

can be connected with the prime motor by rigidity or elastically to be small power station,

supply factories, building and site lighting for power use.

1, With the optional permanent magnet generator system, the generator can provide constant

excitation in various situation

2, With stator winding 12 ends of terminal, the generator can meet different voltage


3, Advanced automatic voltage regulator controller (AVR)

4, When the generator is parallel connected with the power grid or other generator, the 2/3

pitch design avoids excessive neutral currents.

5, H insulation class ensure the generator running in dreadful conditions

6, The generator is with the dynamic balanced rotor, single bearing and double bearing


7, Easy installation and convenient maintenance.

8, Standard free-maintenance seal bearing

9, The adaptor and drive plate is consonant whit the SAE standard.

10, The generator is IP21, also IP23 and IP44 is an option, but rated power will decrease


12, The generator comply with all the leading land use, marine use standards.

Option and Accessory

1. Winding Temperature Sensor

2. Bearing Temperature Sensor

3. Winding Temperature Protective Thermistor and Relay

4. PMG

5. MX341 or MX321AVR to be option

6. Prevent Condensation Heater

7. Air Filter

8. Parallel Operation Prolapsed Transformer

9. RFI

10. PFC3

11. IP21/IP22/1P23 
Products Definition

Generator product labeling confirms to the following rules:  Generator Type + Frame Size +

Generator Poles+ Iron Core Length No. + No. of Bearing

Example: WED 27 4 C 1

WED—means generator type

27—the second part means the frame size

4—the third part means the generator poles

C—the forth part means the core length

1—the fifth part means the no. of bearing

Service Conditions

--Ambient Temperature:  -15℃~40℃

--Altitude: not exceed 1000 Meter

--Rated Voltage:  380V or any voltage between 120-690V

--Rated Frequency:  50Hz/60Hz

--Protection Class:  IP21, IP22, IP23

--Insulation Class:  F/H

--Cooling Method:  IC0141

--Working Duty:  S1(Continuous)

--Humidity:  ≦90%

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