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Y series

Features and Benefits:

Three Phase Induction Motor

1) 0.75-315kW; 1-430HP
2) 80-355MM Frame
3) 750/900 r/min; 1000/1200 r/min; 1500/1800 r/min; 3000/3600 r/min
4) 50/60Hz
5) 220-760V
6) B14; B3; B34; B35; B5





Products Induction

Y series three phase asynchronous electric motor is a kind of low-voltage squirrel cage 3-

phase induction motor. They are totally enclosed, fan-cooling newly designed and to be in

conformity with the relevant requirements & rules of JB/T10391-2002 & IEC standards.

Y motor have the advantage of high efficiency, long working life, energy saving, high starting

torque, low noise, small vibration, big breakaway torque, reliable operation performance,

easy & convenient  maintenance.

Y motor are widely used in many fields, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, transport

machinery, mixer, agriculture machinery, food machines, agitator, air compressor etc.

However,  Y series three phase asynchronous electric motors are unsuited to be used in that

place where combustible, explosive or corrosive gas exist and other special requirements


For the Connection Model of Y motor, please refer to the Nameplate on the motor. (The Y

Connection is adopted by motors′ Output equal or below 3 KW; The Delta-Connection is

adopted by motors′ Output above 4 KW).

Y Motor can be equipped with PTC.

For motor of frame size 160MM and above can be equipped with re-greasing system.

Unified Standard

--Motor Power Rank and Size: GB4826-84; GB4772.2-84; IEC72

--Electrical Code: GB755-87; IEC34-1

--Structure & Installation Type: GB997-81; IEC34-7

--Protection Class: GB4942.1-85; IEC34-5

--Cooling Method: GB/T1993-93; IEC34-6

Products Standard

Motor product labeling confirms to the following rules:  Series Code + Frame Size + Iron Core

Length No. + Motor Poles

Example: Y 90 L - 2

Y—means induction motor

90—the second part means the height of motor center (when the motor has no foot, it is same

to motor with foot)

L—the third part means the base iron core length no.(S-Short Base、M-Medium Base、L-

Long Base)

2—the forth part means the motor poles, this is a 2 poles motor, synchronous speed is 3000

r/min (50Hz); 3600 r/min (60Hz) 

Service Conditions

--Ambient Temperature:  -15℃~40℃

--Altitude: not exceed 1000 Meter

--Rated Voltage:  380V or any voltage between 220-760V

--Rated Frequency:  50Hz/60Hz

--Protection Class:  IP44, IP54

--Insulation Class:  F

--Cooling Method:  IC0141

--Working Duty:  S1(Continuous)

--Humidity:  ≦90%

--Connection:  Star-connection for up to 3kW; Delta-connection for 4kW and above

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