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YC Series

Features and Benefits:

Heavy-duty Single-phase Induction Motor

1) 0.18-7.5kW; 0.25-10HP
2) 71-132MM Frame
3) 1500/1800 r/min; 3000/3600 r/min
4) 50/60Hz
5) 110-240V
6) B14; B3; B34; B35; B5





YC series heavy-duty single-phase motors of "FUXING" brand are suitable for small size machine tools and water pumps, especially suitable for family workshops where only single-phase power be supplied. This series motors are designed with the latest technology, manufactured with the quality materials, have following features: good performance, safe and reliable operation, nice appearance, convenient maintenance, meet the IEC standards.
YC series motors are of IP44 totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) type, capacitor starting for rated output up to 3HP, on rated voltage and 50Hz, the starting torque is three times more than the rated torque while 60Hz is 2.75 times more. Capacitors start and run type for Motors 4HP and above, it have following features: high starting torque, smooth running, low temperature rise, low noise and greater overload performance.
Operating Condiyions:
Ambient temperature: -15℃≤θ≤40℃ Above sea level: not exceed 1000m Rated voltage: ±5%

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